The irish water scam Round 1 and 2

by theonlynewsman

Round 1 :The irish invented a new holiday called the ST. RATPIGS Day, dedicated to Irish Water, the Gardai, Investment Groups and Certain Polititians. The newly inventented Ratpig Of The Year Award goes to the irish broadcasting system RTE, for not telling the people the truth about Irish Water pushing contracts to the irish people without their consent and without even entering their homes.Thanks to Joe for taking the brown envelope, you are sorted. Thanks again to the gardai for their courage in helping Irish Water to push all these contracts onto the irish people against their will!!!

Round 2 :The Gardai got fed up helping private investors pushing contracts . Thanks (This time a real one).So the investors changed plan,instead of only pushing contracts they put their hands directly in each ones pocket with the help of the politicians (This was one of the last decisions you made dear irish politicians involved in this scam).